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Join the most exclusive PAMM Trading Service on the market and monetize your trading strategy with a multi-body regulated broker

Merakifx PAMM Investment Accounts employ the most sophisticated technology in the industry to provide a seamless PAMM experience for both Managers and Investors alike.

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Why Managers Choose Merakifx PAMM Investment Accounts
Copy Trade Prevention

Trade with the ultimate peace of mind; our sophisticated PAMM tech protects the integrity of your trading strategy, ensuring that no one can view or copy it.

Automatic P&L Distribution

Save time with automated and timely P&L calculations and distribution to ensure clients receive accurate profits and losses without your involvement. 

Multiple Offers, Limited Restrictions

Create multiple offers under one trading strategy with very few restrictions on the terms you can include. * 

Private Accounts

Opt to keep your PAMM Account private and benefit from the freedom to manage the pool account as it suits you and your client base. 

Custom Performance Fee

Set your own performance fee and create an offer to attract clients in a way that suits your monetization goals. 

Custom Trading Intervals

Set your own trading intervals based on what works for you and your trading strategy. 

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