Privacy Policy

Merakifx believes in the right of privacy for each individual and aims to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Merakifx provides and implements procedures and systems with a high level of security to provide our customers with a confidential and safe work environment.

The process of collecting personal information (name, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.) is only requested when you place an order for one of our services or programs. We need this information to be able to communicate with you and identify you as required by law.

The anti-money laundering policy requires Merakifx to collect information and take the necessary measures to prevent the transfer and laundering of illegally acquired funds. In some cases Merakifx has the right to request documents that reveal the sources of such funds.

Merakifx does not sell, rent, disclose or license personal information to a third party, whether affiliated or otherwise, except in the cases described below:

Sometimes we share your information with our affiliates to provide you with information about the products and services you have requested, or to allow you to participate in the products and services offered by our affiliates.
Merakifx reserves the right to disclose personal information to non-affiliated third parties for regulatory or reporting purposes as required by law, in order to protect our proprietary rights.
If you have any inquiries that are not covered in the above privacy policy, please contact us or request a call back service.

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